Welcome To Neevana

Yes, it’s true! All of our cookies here at Neevana are lower in sugar, but most importantly, are safe for diabetics, as they have a 70-80% lower Glycemic index and taste amazing! We use natural, alternative sweeteners that taste & feel just like real, refined, white sugar, but does not spike blood sugar levels. Our sugar alternatives do not leave you with that chemical after taste, which had given sugar alternative products a bad name in the past. We also use a white & whole wheat flour blend so that diabetics are getting more complex (good) carbs. Please see our “About Us” page & our nutrition information. We wanted to offer some of the most unique flavor combinations that have ever been created for low-sugar sweets. Why? Because we do not want you to get bored with the same, old flavors. The owner of Neevana is diabetic and she will not produce a product that is not safe for her and other diabetics to eat. She wants to extend her unique cookies to everyone.